May 21, 2014

Our blog has moved!

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May 14, 2014

Reflex wins CODiE Award for Best Learning Game

ExploreLearning Reflex won the 2014 CODiE Award for Best Learning Game!  CODIE_2014_winner_black

This year's award marks ExploreLearning's 7th CODiE win. The CODiE Awards recognize leaders and innovators across the software, digital content and education technology industries. We are honored to be included among these leaders.

Here's the list of all SIIA CODiE Award winners.

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Letter from our "newest math chaos fan"

"Let me start this review by saying I did not believe what I saw in your video. I scoffed at the images, yet purchased with the hope that some of it could be true. How I hang my head in shame at my disbelief. Reflex has taken studying math to the next zenith of reachable heights all while incoporating fun. My son loves to start his day off with a round of Reflex. You all are geniuses! You allow learning-chaos in the confines of  a structured settings. I have to fight my son to get off once he has his Green Light.  

I equally love the attention to detail when it comes to the structure of all the games. Being able to watch his tree grow and then discovering as he continues to work new treasures to set goals for was pure divine foreshadowing... I don't have to hover over his shoulder to ensure he is working. I know he is. Every moment is filled with delight and wonderment. His squeals fill the house. He is in awe of himself saying, 'guess how many math facts I learned today? Do you want to see my tree? Look Mommy, I'm earning tokens to have my own alien ice cream shop. I've served over a hundred customers!'

I was concerned the work might not translate over to tangible knowledge. I was so pleased to find out how wrong I was again! Since using Reflex, he rips and roars through math class at lightening bolt speed and accuracy.  

The cost and quality don't add up. We are finally getting more than we paid for and it feels good. Really good. Thanks, Reflex." 


your newest math chaos fan,

Lana Wilkes-Edwards, Member Homeschool Buyers Co-op

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May 13, 2014

Students eager to "make up" Reflex sessions they've missed

"Students using Reflex are eager to complete their daily work. They always tell me the "countdown" for the number of days until they can open a new game. Most want to "make-up" their session if absenteeism has kept them from using Reflex. Two 4th grade students who have NOT responded to ANY type of intervention have embraced Reflex and are showing impressive growth! When meeting with the RTI committee, I like the ease in which I can pull up individual students and show progress/lack of to the committee."

--Math Coach, Elementary School, Victoria ISD, TX


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May 12, 2014

"Reflex is the sugar for the medicine of math facts"

"Kids make comments in class now, 'That's like Reflex!' so I know they are making the connections. It also teaches division and multiplication facts together, so students are explicitly taught the connection between the two. One of my girls who gets easily frustrated with math has been sharing her connections between what we do in class and Reflex. Today she said, 'Do you know how I knew that in class? I learned that fact on Reflex.' I see their fluency improving. Students who struggle need something attractive to use for practice. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. Reflex is the sugar for the medicine of math facts."

--3rd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Paragould School District, AR

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May 9, 2014

Celebrating success with an Alien Sundae party

Unknown-1Page Christenson, a Learning Specialist in Covina Valley USD in California, wanted to challenge her 2nd grade students on Reflex with a fun goal this year. She told them if they all got green skins for their avatars (cost = 250 tokens on Reflex), then she would throw them an Alien Sundae party! She thought it would be fun to tie green skin with aliens and ice cream. When all 50 kids met their goal, they got to celebrate with sundaes!

Back in 2012, we interviewed Page Christenson for our blog. She told us about a purple party she'd thrown, as well as other great ideas she had for encouraging great Reflex usage. The next goal for her 2nd graders is to buy a tree house and then "they get to sign a poster." We're sure they will continue to have lots of success with Reflex!

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Reflex is the "best program I've ever seen"

"Reflex is close to perfect. Best growth/program I've ever seen. It gives them the foundation of skills necessary to continue with more complicated topics. We tested the fifth graders against my fourth graders and we beat them by more than 20%!"

--Math Coach, Elementary School, Wake County School District, NC

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May 8, 2014

Student finally aces test and is very "proud of himself"

"I have a group of students, mostly 5th graders, who dove right in to the program and moved along at a great pace. The older students understood right away that if they worked hard at doing well, they could open more games and earn more rewards. One of my students could not answer above 20 math facts on his 2 minute math sprints in class. He had been doing these sprints from September to the present every day in math class. The lack of improvement was so discouraging for him. After 5 weeks on Reflex, he completed all 64 possible math facts on the 2 minute sprint. He is so proud of himself!"

--Math Coach, Elementary School, Kane Area School District, PA

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May 7, 2014

Reflex gives a "greater chance of success on more difficult problems"

"Student fact fluency has skyrocketed! I couldn't be more pleased with the product. Automatic fact recall frees up student's minds to more complex tasks, allowing them a greater chance of success on more difficult problems. One of my students who struggles the most was the first to achieve fluency in Multiplication and Division 0-12. I know that this has done wonders for her confidence. She was proud to see that she had the first certificate on the wall to read '100 percent fluent.'"

--5th Grade Math Teacher, Charter School, Metro Nashville Public School District, TN

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May 6, 2014

Reflex gives students "a love for math"

"As we were preparing for our state achievement test this past week, we came across a division fact. One of my students called out, 'I know this! Reflex taught it to me!' At the beginning of the year, I had a hard time encouraging him to participate. Now he is eager for math! Reflex engages the students, challenges them to want to do better and gives them a love for math."

--3rd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Kingsport City School District, TN

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