April 23, 2014

Students want "to do math all day long"

"The students are continuing to learn more and more facts and are becoming more confident in math and actually have a desire to do math work all day long. Reflex reinforces and extends what they learn in the classroom and the variety of activities challenges them to keep going. Their ability to increase percentage scores on computer based tests and District benchmark tests helps me to guage their mastery of the skills.

One student entered the classroom not liking school and definitely not liking math. She stopped learning and working after lunch. She is now excelling in math and language arts and no longer pouting and crying after lunch. She is smiling and keeps commenting, 'I'm doing good, I did the work all correct!'"

--Teacher, Elementary School, Barstow USD, CA

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April 22, 2014

Reflex comes to the rescue

"I am a math tutor, and over the years I have discovered that most kids that struggle with higher math do so because they do not have good recall of their basic math facts.  If kids don't get these facts while in elementary school, it sets them up for a lifetime of math struggles.  How can a kid be successful in advanced algebra, trig, or calculus if they don't know the building blocks?  There is just too many places to make a mistake if the facts are not fluent. The problem is math moves so fast now that traditional programs do not provide enough practice with math facts. That is where Reflex comes to the rescue. 

My kids (7 and 9) love Reflex. I love that the program is systematic.  It tests the kids with new facts mixed with ones they already know.  This ensures that they learn the new facts without getting overwhelmed. I can see that my kids' recall is improving so much that they are able to complete their regular math assignments more quickly. I cannot speak highly enough about the program."

--Math Tutor

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April 21, 2014

Students in Special Education have "grown immensely"

"My students came in at the beginning of the school year facing severe challenges in their math facts and with the repetition and the unique way that Reflex presents the math facts, they have grown immensely and are able to transfer their skills into applied problems. Reflex builds the foundation for my students and their math facts so that they are able to access grade-level material successfully. They are able to transfer it to their math learning (i.e., adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators, exponents, etc.). Their fluency with their math facts is much quicker than it has ever been."

--Special Education Teacher, K-8 School, Denver Public School District, CO

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April 17, 2014

Trouble Launching Reflex?

UPDATE: This problem should now be resolved. If you are still having trouble using the Launch button Reflex, please try quitting and relaunching your browser. If that does not work, please contact customer support.

Today we have had reports that the "Launch" button on Reflex is not always working. We are actively looking into this issue, and hope to have a resolution very soon.

If you experience this problem, please try disabling pop-up blocking. You may also wish to try using a different web browser.

Sorry for any inconvenience. We will update this article as we have more information.

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Reflex inspires student from Haiti to become a more motivated student

"One of my students, a boy who immigrated to the US following the earthquake in Port-au-Prince, had little formal schooling and was often withdrawn during class. In September, he had less than 75 facts mastered. He really enjoyed Reflex, using it during his free time and 30 minutes daily during our math fluency period. In January, after only 4 months using Reflex, he reached 100% mastery. I think that this experience helped him to develop more confidence and I moved him to a more advanced work group where he has a lot of interaction with other motivated students."

--5th/6th Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Boston Public Schools, MA

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April 16, 2014

Reflex is cool! We love Reflex!

"Reflex is important because it helps you memorize your math facts--and it's also fun," says a 3rd Grade student.

A teacher and her students in Harrisonburg City School District in Virginia made a video about Reflex and why they love it so much. We're so happy they shared it with us!


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Student with Autism has tripled her fluency

"Students who have been using Reflex consistently have shown fast progress. When the facts become fluent, our students, most who are English Language Learners, can focus their cognitive energy on problem solving and attend more closely to the question being asked. 

One second grade student with a diagnosis of Autism, had been through multiple training methods for basic addition and subtraction facts including base 10 blocks, touch math, number lines, manipulatives etc. Nothing seemed to help her increase fluency or retention. After a month using Reflex even less than suggested, she has more than tripled her fluency and has gained over 40 fluent facts."

--Instructional Coach, Elementary School, Shelton School District 309, WA

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April 15, 2014

Struggling students are now "proud of their accomplishments"

"My students have made great progress. Each morning I hand out certificates and the students clap for each other. They look forward to this each day. I have a few students who are not eager learners and did not do well when it came to fact practice. Those same students are so excited and ask every day to go on Reflex. They are proud of their accomplishments and look forward to finding out their percentage!  I have used it with my RTI group as well and it has been very successful in targeting that small group of students who specifically need fact practice and support."

--3rd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Audobon Public School District, MI

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April 14, 2014

Reaching for the stars with Reflex

Photo 1 (1)[1]A teacher at a school on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota wrote to tell us how much her school loves Reflex. "Reflex helps students by generating excitement and confidence. Our class claps for everyone that earns a milestone certificate. I love that I can watch them really working hard and pushing themselves to get farther in the games."

To show off the fluency growth for all the classes at her school (and create a little healthy competition), she created a bulletin board for the school. "The students LOVE the board. It is in a main hallway that everyone walks by to get to their classrooms and the cafeteria, so they see it a lot. It's been up for a month now and still students are always stopping and talking about their class, what percentage they have reached and how they are trying to make it to the top. It's also been fun for students to see how other classes are doing. I update the board on Fridays after school is out, so the students come back on Monday excited to see how much their Ninja has jumped!"

She says that the majority of students in her class arrived already two years behind in math, and Reflex has really helped to change that. "Not only have I watched students blossom into confident, math-loving scholars, but the testing data from our class was phenomenal. In MAP testing, 30% of my students group upwards of 25 points in math (yearly growth is normally 16 points for our grade level). All students grew at least a year. Two students grew two whole years." 

To see why Reflex is an "innovative and effective way for students to gain automaticity," take a free trial.

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Student math computation scores went up

"If we can get all students to have fact fluency, we can dive deeper into math learning at all levels. Reflex has significantly increased my students math fact fluency and helped to create a flow to my math lessons. I no longer have to wait for students to count on their fingers for simple math facts...they just know them.

All 17 students in my class, even those who receive special education services for math, are at least at 60% fluency. In Math Computation, when compared with the national norm, 13 of my 17 students are average or above (in the fall only 11 were), and 4 of my students scored either above average or well above average (in the fall only 2 were). All of the students who scored well below average or below average significantly improved their score 11 to 14 more points."

--3rd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Walworth Joint School District 1, WI

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