May 21, 2014

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April 29, 2014

School celebrates answering 1 million math facts on Reflex!

NurseryRdESAn elementary school in Lexington-Richland County School District in South Carolina celebrates answering 1 million math facts on Reflex! The students who are experiencing the fastest fluency growth have used Reflex both at home and at school three times a week. 

Their math coach says, "The students are 100% engaged. No matter how tired they are when they come in at 7:15, they are immediately glued to the computer and Reflex. This is HUGE. Not only does it build fluency, Reflex builds confidence, which is extremely important. If students understand that effort makes a difference in math ability and are confident enough to put forth the extra effort, all math students can grow in mathematical understanding."

The school's goal is to have their 2nd through 5th grade students answer over a million and a half facts on Reflex by the end of the year. We know they'll make their goal—and we look forward to hearing more about their success!

To see more success stories, check out our Reflex results page.

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April 16, 2014

Reflex is cool! We love Reflex!

"Reflex is important because it helps you memorize your math facts--and it's also fun," says a 3rd Grade student.

A teacher and her students in Harrisonburg City School District in Virginia made a video about Reflex and why they love it so much. We're so happy they shared it with us!


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April 14, 2014

Reaching for the stars with Reflex

Photo 1 (1)[1]A teacher at a school on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota wrote to tell us how much her school loves Reflex. "Reflex helps students by generating excitement and confidence. Our class claps for everyone that earns a milestone certificate. I love that I can watch them really working hard and pushing themselves to get farther in the games."

To show off the fluency growth for all the classes at her school (and create a little healthy competition), she created a bulletin board for the school. "The students LOVE the board. It is in a main hallway that everyone walks by to get to their classrooms and the cafeteria, so they see it a lot. It's been up for a month now and still students are always stopping and talking about their class, what percentage they have reached and how they are trying to make it to the top. It's also been fun for students to see how other classes are doing. I update the board on Fridays after school is out, so the students come back on Monday excited to see how much their Ninja has jumped!"

She says that the majority of students in her class arrived already two years behind in math, and Reflex has really helped to change that. "Not only have I watched students blossom into confident, math-loving scholars, but the testing data from our class was phenomenal. In MAP testing, 30% of my students group upwards of 25 points in math (yearly growth is normally 16 points for our grade level). All students grew at least a year. Two students grew two whole years." 

To see why Reflex is an "innovative and effective way for students to gain automaticity," take a free trial.

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March 20, 2014

Rewarding students for their hard work--with an Alien Sundae!

IMGP0206A teacher at an elementary school in Nechako Lakes School District in British Columbia says that Alien Sundae is her students' favorite Reflex game. So to celebrate her successful students who "graduate" from Reflex, she rewards them with a certificate and their very own "alien sundae!" 

All her students are enjoying using Reflex. "They are improving daily! All my students are having success... Learning their basic facts to fluency is improving their grades in other areas of our math program."

We look forward to hearing more about her students' success with Reflex!

To check out Reflex, take a free trial.

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March 17, 2014

Delaware Council of Teachers of Mathematics: Reflex is "the answer"

Heather Horne, a teacher in the Brandywine School District in Delaware, sent us an article she wrote for the Delaware Council of Teachers of Mathematics about her experiences with Reflex. It was published in their latest newsletter.

Reflex: The Answer to the Times Table Conundrum 

One of the most common laments I often hear math teachers make, one I myself used to make quite often, is the frustration each September at having a class full of learners with little or no solid grasp of their basic times tables. Not only is this a frustration to us as teachers, but it is a real stumbling block to the progress of the students themselves.

A little over a year ago, I received an email about a web-based program designed to help children memorize and retain the basic multiplication and division facts. I rolled my eyes as I read it, the promise of yet another program to teach this essential, yet universally lacking, skill. Throughout my career I have tried it all. Flash cards, writing the facts over and over on paper, and of course, games, both of the computer and board game variety. Nothing ever really did the trick, so when I saw this advertisement I was naturally skeptical. The email offered a free teacher grant and in return I only had to answer a few survey questions. I checked with my principal and he said to go for it.

I did the online training and I was surprised to see how much fun the games designed for the program were. I hoped my students would find the games as enjoyable as I did because if they didn’t, I would have to come up with incentives to get them to do it. My worries were proved unfounded. I was shocked at how quickly my students responded to Reflex. There was a daily list of students who wanted forego their recess to play it. With little urging from me, they were playing at home in the evenings and on the weekends. My own daughter asked to be a part of it and would sit at the computer daily so she could practice her facts and play the games. Student results on multiplication and division sprints went through the roof.

The results were so good that my principal has now adopted Reflex for the entire school. Teachers are constantly telling me how much their kids are enjoying the program and the big difference it is making in their math classes. Personally, I feel like I am accomplishing so much more since I don’t have to wait for my students to count on their fingers to find 9 x 8. I am able to squeeze more instruction into my already limited schedule because of this.

Reflex tests the students at the beginning of each session then it picks some target facts to practice for that session. The facts are introduced as fact families instead of individual facts.  For example, a student will work on 2 x 6, 6 x 2, 12/ 6, 12/ 2. After spending time on the new fact families the student will work with the facts they already know but are not yet fluent in. Finally they can choose from a series of games to reinforce the facts, which is the part they like the best.  There are many different games and Reflex allows them to unlock games the more they play. Students also choose an avatar at the beginning. As they become better and better at the games (and their FACTS) they earn coins. They can use these coins to buy accessories for their avatar.

For each milestone the student reaches, the computer gives the teacher the option to print out certificates with the child’s name and their accomplishment. As far as incentives go, this is a great idea. My students are always so excited by the milestone certificates they earn for having 25 new fluent facts or being 70% fluent. They also love to see how their pyramid of fluent facts fills in as they go.  

Reflex is a great program that teaches kids their facts and allows them to have fun doing it.  It is the only program of its kind that I have seen that works as well as it does. Fifth Graders giving up their recess time to work on times tables voluntarily may sound like wishful hyperbole to you. Try it for yourself at and see. 

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March 11, 2014

Reflex "Wall of Fame" celebrates student achievement

Reflex Math Wall of Fame 2A 4th grade teacher at an elementary school in Wauseon Exempted Village School District in Ohio now has 20 students in her class who have acheived 100% fluency! She sent us this photo of some of her students posing in front of  her "Reflex Wall of Fame" decorated with their Reflex certificates.

"Students are engaged and motivated using Reflex. They also make steady progress, many experiencing a great amount of growth in their fluency. This success fosters growth in what I like to call 'math confidence,' moving reluctant math students to a point that they are more successful math learners. They begin to like math and are more willing to tackle more difficult problems."

"We received our state test results... I was very pleased with my students' scores overall. A number of them scored much better than I expected them to. I would like to think that their Reflex experience contributed to their success with the state math test. All of my students in this group passed the test, with 19 of 24 scoring in the Advanced or Accelerated category! While there are other factors at work, I feel confident that Reflex had a positive effect on their growth, if in nothing else than being more fluent with facts made them more confident in their own performance. Their success with Reflex convinced them that they could be successful with their other math endeavors. Success breeds success!"

"One of my students, who had not experienced that much success with math this year, was highly successful with Reflex. I saw her confidence with math blossom as she became more fluent. She was one of the first to become 100% fluent, and it definitely carried over in her regular classroom work and independent assignments. Her math grades the last quarter of the year also showed a marked improvement."

Has her "Wall of Fame" inspired her students to work harder in school?

"I think it's important to recognize students for their achievements. It rewards their hard work, and I believe it motivates others to work hard so their own achievements will be recognized too. This is positive 'peer pressure' when students are motivated to earn that recognition like their friends do. Even when students take varying amounts of time to reach that goal of 100% fluency, once they do reach it, they are on 'equal footing' with those other peers who may have attained it sooner. They learn that consistent effort eventually results in reaching a goal. It's attaining the goal that is important, rather than the time it takes to achieve it." 

"Success with the program has built their confidence and in turn, encouraged them to keep working even harder to achieve higher and higher levels of proficiency. I am totally satisfied with the program and results!"

 To check out Reflex, take a free trial.

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March 4, 2014

Crabby T-shirts celebrate students' math fact fluency

Photo 1Photo 2A 4th Grade Teacher at an elementary school in Tacoma School District in Washington State is making Crabby T-shirts for all her students who reach 100% in all three Reflex assignments (addition and subtraction 0-10, multiplication and division 1-10 and multiplication and division 1-12). She presented the first group of shirts to the students at a whole school assembly this week.

She likes that Reflex "is increasing students' basic fact fluency without really feeling like work. They are also successful no matter what their level."

"Milestones, growth, and the usage reports are my go-to reports. The usage report lets me see who is using Reflex when and how much, besides at school, the milestones are a quick way for me to see progress and the growth charts help me document student growth since they've started the year. "

"Every single student has been a success story for me with Reflex. They all have a better attitude towards basic facts and have made significant progress in their fact knowledge. I have a couple of students that honestly at the beginning of the year could not complete 10 addition facts in 10 minutes and now are completing all 52 correctly in 5 minutes. I have also had improvements with the larger multiplication problems because they have the facts down and can complete the tasks in less time. Reflex has been an amazing tool in strengthening math skills and confidence. Story problems are easier on district and unit tests because the students are not focused so much on the basic computation."

To read more great success stories, check out our Results page.

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January 29, 2014

"Reflex is by far the best program I have ever seen"

Reflex 3A 5th grade math teacher in the Seminole County Public Schools in Florida sent us a picture of her bulletin board that she uses to track "new fluent facts gained as well as total facts solved" for her students. The blue stars on the board represent 1,000 facts solved and the yellow stars represent 25 new fluent facts. "The kids love seeing the bulletin board updated every two weeks."

She takes her class to the computer lab four times a week. "My students can't wait to work on Reflex. You can hear a pin drop the entire time we're in there because they are so engaged."

"I am hearing my students tell other students (that are not in Reflex) how awesome the program is and how much they love working on the program. They even talk about how much they now love math! By gaining fact fluency, students are gaining the confidence they need to tackle the more complex math problems they encountered."

She adds, "Reflex is by far the best program I have ever seen!"

To check out Reflex, try a free trial.

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January 13, 2014

Reflex has been worth EVERY penny

Reflex%2520Math%2520Review_thumb%255B3%255DA homeschooling mom tried out Reflex with her child and says on her blog, "I know that there are a lot of free options out there (we tried them ALL!), but Reflex has been worth EVERY penny." Reflex "finally has made math facts fun enough for my daughter to be motivated to learn them," she adds.

"I was having a horrific time trying to figure out a way to drill math facts into my daughter’s brain. Everything that I tried met with resistance. I had pretty much tried everything I could think of to make math facts fun (I know, oxymoron), but nothing was working. I decided that maybe knowing your math facts with instant recall was too much for her until…..


To check out why Reflex is so effective (and fun!), take a free trial

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January 8, 2014

"This blows everything thing else we’ve tried out of the water"

Reflex6A math coach at an elementary school in Boston wrote a blog post review "Gamifying your math facts: Reflex math fluency software" after using Reflex with his students. Here's what he had to say about Reflex:

"This blows everything thing else we’ve tried out of the water. If you have a kid who needs to memorize their times tables, look no further. We love it. More importantly, kids love it."

He goes on to list out why he loves Reflex:

"Why do we love it?

1. Kids seem to learn facts faster.

2. It’s way more fun.

3. It’s ridiculously easy to access and use.

4. Great data."

Students at his school are "begging" for Reflex accounts, and he and the other teachers are able to see how much the students have learned on the Mad Minute tests they give.

"Once we put kids on Reflex, they really seemed to move up the levels faster. Between September and October, the time when our kids weren’t using the program, the Mad Minute scores improved an average of 6.5%. Between October and November, the first month of our kids using Reflex, the Mad Minute scores improved an average of 11.5%."

To find out more about Reflex, check out our results or take a free trial

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December 12, 2013

Practice makes perfect with Reflex!

GOOD-FRONTIER--2blue_WEBA Grade 5 class in the Frontier School Division in Manitoba, Canada made great gains on their Divisional Mathematics Assessment last year. The students' end of year scores were a big improvement on their pre-Reflex scores at the start of the year. 

Their teacher is very proud of their progress, and believes Reflex had a lot to do with their success. "I interview my students on how they come up with their answers on the test and around 90% of them said they remembered it from Reflex. I know that Reflex really helped my students last year." 

She definitely believes in the saying "practice makes perfect," and that Reflex gives students the necessary practice they need to learn their math facts. "My students said they had fun playing Reflex and couldn't stop once they started doing it! Reflex helped the students to think fast."
To check out Reflex, take a free trial.

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December 5, 2013

Students are excited to show off their accomplishments

IMG_4833 (2)A teacher at an elementary school in Harrisonburg City School District in Virginia wrote to tell us how much she loves using Reflex with her students and how they're all making great progress. "I have even had two students become completely fluent with addition and subtraction so far. They were very excited to move on to multiplication and division!"

On her display she put up in the hall, "students post their awards at the bottom and there's a 'Hall of Fame' for the high scores on each game in yellow on the sides. The kids are really excited to show their accomplishments to the whole school!"

"The reason I think Reflex is so much better than other math fact fluency programs is that the students can earn fun new rewards as they go. It gives the students something to look forward to and a reason to keep playing. Other math programs I've experienced quickly lose their appeal because the students finish the game or get bored with it. I don't think this will ever happen with Reflex!"

She really likes that Reflex gives her "so many ways to keep track of my students' progress. It makes me so excited to look at the reports and graphs and know that the students are truly learning."

To check out Reflex, take a free trial.

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November 19, 2013

Tracking progress with the fact family "pyramid" on class bulletin board

Reflex BBA Special Education Teacher for grades 3 and 4 in Roxbury Township School District in New Jersey is "very excited about the progress" her students are making with Reflex, and has created a bulletin board to visually track the math facts they know.

"I print out the fact pyramids from reports and every time a student is fluent in a fact they put a sticker on that circle. They are very excited about their progress and they are having fun with the whole thing as well!"

The teacher has made Reflex into a class learning station that students are required to go on every day. She says, "while some children develop math fact automaticity with ease, others struggle terribly and this is so true for special education students. I know how imperative it is for my students to develop fluency. Often students are pushed on to multiplication and division without a foundation in addition and subtraction. This simply ensures that math will continue to be a struggle. The students that are working on Reflex with me will absolutely succeed at higher levels of math as they are introduced. Reflex is key to their success."

To find out more about great Reflex results, check out our case studies.

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November 12, 2013

High Reflex Usage? Higher Test Scores!

On two standardized tests, students with high Reflex usage substantially outgained students who did not use the program extensively. That was the conclusion of a recent study examining the relationship between Reflex usage and test scores for students in Charlottesville, VA. The study looked at both the Virginia state math assessment and NWEA’s MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) assessment.


Grade 2 Students


Reflex helps build a strong math foundation for Grade 2 students, and gives them the skills they need to succeed this year and beyond. Grade 2 students at all six elementary schools in Charlottesville had access to Reflex. MAP test data for students with at least 40 days of usage between the fall and spring test administrations was compared to the scores for students with low or no usage (0-5 days). The results were striking. While the two groups started out with very similar scores on the fall test, the high Reflex users had dramatically larger gains than those in the low usage group on the MAP test the following spring.

NWEA’s MAP test is a computer-adaptive, nationally normed test used by districts across the country to provide a detailed picture of a student’s current level of knowledge of Mathematics as well as their growth over time. Districts who use the MAP are able to not only see where their students are, but to see how quickly they are progressing as compared to their peers nationally. The MAP reports scores in student percentile ranks and RIT (or raw scores). Each year, students that have typical growth maintain their percentile rank. So, if a student is progressing at a rate comparable to the national average, their percentile point gain would be zero.

The average percentile ranks for the low and high usage groups were very similar at the beginning of the year. The low usage group did reasonably well and gained some ground as compared to students nationally, but the students who used Reflex 40 plus days during the school year had dramatically higher gains on their test scores than those in the low usage group.  The high usage group moved forward by 18.7 percentile points whereas the low using group gained 1.9.

Slide10Grade 4 Students

In Grade 4, Reflex helps students shore up their knowledge of their basic facts as they prepare to tackle more complex topics such as long division and computation with fractions. In this part of the study, the state math test pass rate for students who used Reflex for at least 40 days during Grade 4 was compared to the pass rate for the same students a year earlier in Grade 3 before they had used Reflex. In grade 3, the high usage Reflex group has a pass rate of 62.5% compared to the state average of 64%. On their Grade 4 test, however, the Charlottesville high Reflex users had a pass rate of 85%, which far surpassed the statewide average of 74%.

Check out our website for more great Reflex results.

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October 17, 2013

Closing the achievement gap with Reflex

Denika Gum, a 6th Grade math teacher from Sutherland Middle School in Albemarle County, Virginia worked with ExploreLearning to study the relationship between Reflex usage and performance on the state’s high stakes math assessment (SOL) and the NWEA’s Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) mathematics test. 


Reflex results Slide03

Thirty-seven of Ms. Gum’s students used Reflex extensively and made amazing gains in fluency. Students spent the first part of the year working in multiplication and division 0-12 and subsequently moved on to shore up their fluency in addition subtraction 0-10 as well.

Students started out fluent with approximately one-fourth of their multiplication and division facts. After an average of 50 days of Reflex, their fluency grew to an impressive 98%. In addition and subtraction, the same students went from 36% starting fluency to 96% with an average of 39 days of usage.



MAP testing

The MAP mathematics test is a nationally normed, computer-adaptive assessment used in districts across the country. The test is typically administered multiple times during the school year to provide a detailed picture of each student’s current mathematical capability and to measure growth over time. Because the test is nationally normed, educators can also compare their students’ growth to that of other students across the country.

The students at Sutherland take the MAP test in the fall and the winter. Growth for a typical 6th grader Slide07
from fall to winter on the MAP test is 3 points. After using Reflex, Ms. Gum’s students gained an average of 7.9 points, more than double the national average. This amount of growth, achieved in four months, is equivalent what a typical 6th grader would attain in a year and a half of school.  

Ms. Gum commented, "last year was an amazing year for me. I had never seen MAP growth like that. I even had a Special Education student jump almost 4 grade levels in the number sense category.” 


High Stakes State Testing

The Sutherland Reflex group had a much lower pass rate 5th grade state test than the district as a whole. Only half of them had passed the high stakes exam, compared to 69% district-wide.   6th grade was a different story, however.  The Reflex using group not only closed the gap, but they actually far surpassed the division average.  94% of them passed the test compared to 84% across the division.  

Ms. Gum enthused, “it's so rewarding when you teach kids, many whom had never ever passed a math SOL test, and they come up to you and say, 'Math is my favorite subject now!'"

See more results with Reflex on our case studies page.

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October 14, 2013

Fifth grade teachers accepted into Reflex Educator Grant Program

5th grade teachers in Connecticut have been accepted into the Reflex Educator Grant Program and "hope Reflex will help students of all ability levels to develop fluency with their basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division."

“We applied for this grant because we recognized that basic fact fluency was an area of weakness for our students. We hope that the time it takes to solve multiplication and division problems will be greatly reduced, allowing the students to focus their time and energy on more complex math problems. Natural recall of facts will make it easier to not only solve multiplication and division problems but also fractions, mixed numbers and word problems,” says Cathy Byrne.  

“I love the adaptivity and individualization of Reflex which continuously monitors each student's performance so that it focuses on the individual needs of every child,” states Darlene Angotto, one of the fifth grade teachers using the program. Tina Mediate adds, “We are able to easily monitor and support each student’s progress through a variety of individual and class reports. Best of all, Reflex is game-based and highly motivational so students enjoy the learning process."

In the two weeks since they started using the program, Mrs. Byrne’s class has solved over 34,000 facts.

Read the whole story in the Greenwich Patch.

To see these great results in your school, apply to our grant program (deadline is November 29, 2013).

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October 8, 2013

Students show off Reflex certificates

A private school celebrates their students success with math on their website. Their 4th graders just passed their first milestones on Reflex and are showing off their certificates in these school photos. We look forward to hearing about their continued success with Reflex!

Take a free Reflex trial to see why it's the most effective (and the most fun!) math fact fluency solution!

Preuett-Reflex-Math-21 Preuett-Reflex-Math1-300x222



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August 23, 2013

Students using Reflex make remarkable gains

Tucson Reflex resultsTwo 2nd grade teachers using Reflex in an elementary school in the Tucson, AZ area had remarkable results! Their 39 students who used Reflex over the school year went from 17% to 86% fluency in Addition and Subtraction 0-10.

These students also showed great progress on a timed math fact fluency test given twice a year by the district. The test supports the fact fluency requirements in the Common Core State Standards and is now given to all 2nd graders in both the fall and the spring. The 60 questions contain problems like "__ = 12 - 7" and "4 + 11 = __"  

There are three 2nd grade classes in the elementary school, and two used Reflex while the third did not. The classes all had mixed groups of students, and included students in special education as well as gifted students.

As the graph below shows, the students in the classes that used Reflex made remarkable gains on the district test, gaining an average of 29 to 30 points from fall 2012 to spring 2013. And the classroom that used other methods to teach math fact fluency only gained 6 points on the test.

You can find more great Reflex results and case studies on our website.

Reflex test data Tucson

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August 8, 2013

3rd graders say "we love Reflex!"

These 3rd graders in Duval County Public Schools in Florida love Reflex so much, they made a video about it to tell all the reasons why!

Take a free trial and check out why Reflex is the most effective (and the most fun!) math fact fluency solution.

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July 23, 2013

Student wins science fair with project on Reflex

ViewphotoNeha Gulati is a 8th grade student in Ontario. She has been participating in her regional science fair ever since she was in grade 5 and has a passion for science. She decided to make Reflex the subject of her projects in grade 7 and 8, and we were impressed by her thorough attention to detail (she interviewed our Vice President of Research & Development) and her professionalism.

Neha's project "Reflex: Get Your Facts Straight" won a silver medal at the 2012 Niagara Regional Science and Engineering Fair, and a bronze medal at the 2012 Canada-Wide Science Fair. Her second project "The Future of Math Mastery" won a gold medal at the 2013 Niagara Regional Science and Engineering Fair, and a silver medal at the 2013 Canada-Wide Science Fair.

We asked Neha to tell us about her projects, and this is what she wrote:

"Reflex: Get Your Facts Straight is a study I did as a science fair project in grade 7. I tested how Reflex effects students' math fact fluency, attitude towards math and opinion of math. A teacher in my school board informed me about Reflex. I took a look at the site and I thought it would be very interesting to test it for my science fair project because of how many students struggle with math facts today.
I expected that Reflex would be a great, interactive site for math fact mastery. Many of the schools in my area were using it and all the teachers that I talked to had given it good reviews.
It was concluded that Reflex is a useful online tool for acquiring basic math facts. It shows students that math can be fun and exciting. It is a good resource for teachers and especially easy and helpful to use in a classroom setting where you have students at various different levels in mathematics. It helped improve the math fact fluency of weak, average and strong students.
When looking at students' opinion of the site there were three reoccurring statements:
 "Each time I learned a little bit and it made a big difference in my math skills."
  1. "Each time I learned a little bit and it made a big difference in my math skills."
  2. "Playing games helps make math easier and more fun."
  3. "It helped me understand that math was important and will give me good skills, like using money." 
This year I also included Reflex in my project ("The Future of Math Fact Mastery") by testing it along with other methods for math fact mastery. I took the positive aspects of each method and created recommendations for what an effective strategy for math fact mastery should have."

After high school Neha wishes to pursue a degree in math and science. We know she has a bright future ahead of her, and we're so pleased to have been a part of her science project along the way! 

To find out more about how Reflex works, check out the research behind Reflex.

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June 11, 2013

Solved 100,000 math facts? Go fly a kite!

911915_10151595728253728_1337386977_nWe love this blog post from a private school in Virginia. They challenged their students in January to solve 100,000 math facts on Reflex by the end of year. Could they do it?

"The answer was a resounding “YES!” as they reached their goal a full month before school ended!

They earned a doozy of a party. The students enjoyed ice cream for lunch and a day of flying kites!"

Congratulations to all the students for their hard work this year on Reflex!

To check out Reflex, take a free trial.

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May 20, 2013

A cake to celebrate student success with Reflex

IMG950862 (2)A teacher in Klein ISD in Texas wrote to tell us that today she's celebrating her students' success on Reflex with a special cake party!

At the beginning of the year, the 80 students at her elementary school who started on Reflex had an "average of only about 16% fluency."  Now 50 of those students have achieved 100% fluency, and another 10 are around 95% fluent! Wow!

To celebrate the students' accomplishments, this teacher made a cake and got her daughter to decorate it with all the students favorite Reflex characters (Coach Penny, Crabby and the frog from Swamp Chomper).

Congratulations to all the students and we hope you enjoy your party!

To try out Reflex in your classroom, apply to our grant program or take a free trial.

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May 15, 2013

Hallway graph and a "pink party" celebrate student success

Pinkparty_reflexRandi Diskin, a 3rd grade teacher in Chino Valley Unified School District in Arizona, wrote to tell us how excited her students are to learn their math facts. "I've heard them comparing which facts they're fluent in. 'Hey, I know 9x9! What about you?' They are also constantly excited to show me their growing trees."

Ms. Diskin decided to try a "purple skin" party, an idea that another teacher shared with us on this blog, but gave it her own spin. Her class saved up their tokens to turn their avatars pink, and then had a "pink skin" party (complete with pink plates, pink shirts and pink snacks).

"I like the multiple layers of engagement with the teaching time, games, and store. I appreciate that Reflex is ability based and every kid is working on what they need to be to improve and actually is gaining fluency quickly," Ms. Diskin adds.

Wall Line Plot Graph[1]They also have been celebrating number of facts solved along the way. "We like to review the milestones once a week as a celebration. We also made a huge lineplot graph out in the hallway. I think we've got some other teachers jealous!"

Reflex is "awesome." Before using Reflex, "I was piecing together mini-lessons, games and practice to try to get them where they needed to be, but now it's all together and they can work as quickly as they need to," says Ms. Diskin.

Apply for a Reflex Grant and get Reflex for one year in your classroom, or try out Reflex with a free trial.

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May 7, 2013

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

PhotoIn honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we'd like to share this card a student at Ogdensburg Elementary School made for her teacher to thank her "for putting me on Reflex!" 

Thanks Mrs. Rogers! And many thanks to all the terrific teachers around the world who are making a real difference in the lives of their students.

If you'd like to put your students on Reflex, take a free trial.

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May 6, 2013

Reflex Grant Program now accepting fall 2013 applications

The Reflex Educator grant program is now accepting applications for fall 2013.

A Reflex grantee wrote to tell us about her students' success with Reflex. “The grant program has allowed my 4th and 5th grade students who did not know their facts to become more proficient. The time it takes to solve multiplication and division problems is greatly reduced, allowing the students to focus their time and energy on more complex math problems,” says Denise Shaw, a Math Coach at an elementary school in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School District in North Carolina. 

One particular success story stood out for Ms. Shaw. “I have a fifth grade student who convinced herself she was not good in math. Through dedication and hard work using Reflex, she is now proficient with her multiplication and division facts. Her confidence has soared! We had a little 'graduation ceremony' when she achieved 100% proficiency.”

And Ms. Shaw has also seen outside evidence that Reflex is helping her students. “Students' enVision topic tests scores have definitely improved," and she is looking forward to seeing her students' AIMSweb scores improve as well. "Increased computational fluency will enable students to focus their attention on higher order problems. Natural recall of facts will make it easier to not only solve multiplication and division problems but also fractions, mixed numbers and word problems."

If you are interested in applying to the Reflex Grant Program, the program is now accepting applications for fall 2013. Apply for a grant and get Reflex in your classroom. The deadline is June 14th. You can also try out a free Reflex trial.

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May 2, 2013

Reflex rocks!

Reflex BoardA 3rd grade teacher at an elementary school in Burnet Consolidated ISD in Texas sent us a photo of her Reflex bulletin board. She uses old vinyl records to celebrate the number of facts her students solved on Reflex and illustrate her theme that "Reflex Rocks." She thought it was funny that quite a few of her students asked what the records were!

"We LOVE Reflex!" she wrote to us. Her students "ask me to get on it all the time! Because it is so motivating, my students are practicing at school, at home, over the holidays, etc. Six of my kids worked on Reflex during the Christmas break."

All her students hard work on Reflex is starting to pay off. "My students are gaining a deep understanding of the inverse operations of multiplication and division due to their use of Reflex. They will be able to work on higher level problems because they won't spend all their brain power just figuring out the facts."

Another teacher at the school wrote us that several of her 5th grade students "have mentioned how Reflex has helped them and are applying the knowledge to math calculations in class."  She also mentioned that they recently "took our state exam in math. I believe a number of students were able to work more quickly using the facts they have learned, That is important because the test is now timed, with a four hour limit."

To check out Reflex and see how it would work in your classroom, take a free trial trial.

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April 29, 2013

Reflex shifts student attitudes to math

Fluency graphWe were pleased to find this Reflex review on a teacher's blog:

"In twelve weeks my students have solved over 238,000 math facts. They have gone from a 26% fluency rate to 93%.  All of my students are now over 70% fluent. Eighteen of my students have achieved 100% fluency in multiplication/division 0 to 10 and eight of those have achieved 100% fluency up to 12 and have passed their accounts on to younger students in Grades 3 and 4.

Even more important is their change in attitude towards math. Instead of one hand tentatively rising to answer a question, fifteen will shoot up. They want to know their fluency rates and they applaud for each other. They call each other nerds and it is a compliment. They are happier and more confident in math and are peer tutoring each other as we move through the curriculum. They wanted to tell the school about their achievements and shared at an assembly. Math is no longer something they dread.

Reflex has hooked my students and they are engaged. I haven't seen that with other math programs offered. And they are passing along their excitement and enthusiasm to the younger students as they help set them up on their account and offer encouragement. This isn't the answer to all your students' math problems. Reflex is about helping struggling students achieve fluency of basic math facts, nothing more, but it is by far the best program that I have seen that does this."

We're very happy to hear that Reflex is making a difference in her classroom!

To check out the most effective (and the most fun!) math fact fluency solution, take a free Reflex trial.

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April 23, 2013

Fluency Club: "Faster Facts with Reflex!"

20130328_142542[2]The math specialist at an elementary school in Richmond Public Schools in Virginia is very excited about the progress her students are making with Reflex. She shared a photograph of her "Fluency Club" wall with us, and told us how she helps keep her students motivated.

"We started using Reflex in late February, and the students are so excited about it! I have been delivering the certificates to the classrooms once a week, which the kids LOVE and are so proud when they or their friends get one.

I also announce over the loud speaker the class that is in the lead for solving the most facts and if the school as a whole has accomplished any milestones. It has become a friendly competition and the students beg to get on Reflex.

I post on the board a list of names of students who have met each milestone. I call it the 'Fluency Club.' Students come by and check to see if their name has moved to the next level or not. I also post a list of students who have solved the most facts and as they reach 1,000 facts, 2,000 facts, etc., I post the graph that shows the school's fluency level progress and the name of the class in the lead.

Even thought the students know I update the board on Thursdays, I see kids checking this board every day and asking me when I am going to update it. When I told them I was going to be out for a week for the NCTM conference, the kids asked 'who is going to update the Reflex board?'

We love Reflex because we see true progress in our students. The kids are engaged and love it and the data is so useful. Our kids are really struggling and Reflex is not only helping them become more fluent, but it makes them feel successful, which, in turn, motivates them further. Thank you!"

 To check out Reflex, take a free trial. You can also see more success stories on on our case studies page.

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April 5, 2013

Students using Reflex improve test scores

We hear all the time from teachers and admininistrators about how well Reflex is working with their students. When students use Reflex, they learn to love math as they have fun learning math facts.

Lately, as results have started to come in, we have been hearing about how Reflex is helping students do better on district and state math assessments. We hope to have more details soon, so keep watching the blog for new case studies!

Here are just a few of the recent quotes we've received about student improvement on tests:

"All of my students have improved on their AIMSweb scores, but some have grown a lot.

Student A (8th grade) was able to pass the 4th grade math test at the beginning of the year, but scored a 13 on the fifth grade (14 needed to pass). In January when she was retested she scored a 33 on the 5th grade test (23 needed to pass), and has gotten up to a score of 24 on the 6th grade test (26 needed to pass).

Student B started out with third grade being the highest level he was able to pass. He scored a 18 on the 4th grade test (24 needed to pass) at the beginning of the year. In January he scored a 56 on the 4th grade test, a 26 on the 5th grade test (passing), and since then has passed the sixth grade test with a score of 29."

--Special Ed Teacher, Middle School, Royall School District, WI

"Every student is a success story with Reflex. My fifth graders are dramatically more prepared for 2 and 3 digit multiplication and division algorithms with the automaticity they developed using Reflex. Our school gives full grade level math facts mastery tests and my class had the largest improvement of any class in the school (by a lot). Oct average of 68% to January average of 95%!!!! The Math TOSA wanted to discuss my strategies. I told her there was nothing to discuss. I have Reflex and I get my students to do it."

--Teacher, Intermediate School, Bainbridge Island SD 303, WA

"I feel that my students have gained confidence and self esteem as well by knowing their facts. Students are just more confident and love practicing their facts with this system. MAP results grew around 10 to 14 points so far this year. This is the basis of many concepts in math. Fact knowledge and fluency is needed to be able to understand higher math."

--Teacher, Elementary School, Maustron SD, WI

"My school which has the highest poverty index in the District and the highest % of English language learners, showed the highest growth in STAR Math testing in the District of 15 elementary schools."

--Teacher, Elementary School, Rogers School District, TX

"We do periodic fact fluency assessments throughout the school, and my students improved greatly from the beginning of the year--more so than classes not using Reflex."

--Teacher, Elementary School, Guilderland Central SD, NY

"I have nothing but GREAT things to say about the Reflex program! Many of my students didn't pass or barely passed the third grade state math test last year. Those same students also had average or below average math grades as well. Since engaging in Reflex, many of those same students have become much better math students simply because they have improved their computation fluency immensely. There is no more finger counting and fewer computation errors because students just know their facts.

On the recent multiplication benchmark test, my combined classes had a 94% passing rate and class average score of 83 and 87. The highest passing percent of all of this year's benchmark tests. Every 3rd and 4th grade class needs Reflex."

--Teacher, Elementary School, Klein ISD, TX

"Most of the students MAP and AIMSweb scores have improved... The students have improved their math fact knowledge and enjoyed the program."

--Math Coach, Junior High School, Tolono Cmty Unit SD 7, IL

"My class did much better on their District Assessment test this time around. They will be able to recall their math facts a lot easier, thus ensuring them the tools they need to reach math goals... Really enjoy seeing the excitement of learning in my students."

--Teacher, Elementary School, Bastrop ISD, TX

Take a free trial to see why Reflex is the most effective (and the most fun!) math fact fluency solution.

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March 28, 2013

Teacher reports that Reflex helps make all her students more successful

KatieDay_1teachingWe were interested in this article about a Teach for America Corps member from Indiana who was placed in a classroom in Charleston, SC. Katie Day applied for a Reflex grant, and is now using Reflex with her second grade students.

Katie Day reports, “All of my students are able to find success within the program because it not only quizzes students on facts until they become fluent, but it also teaches them facts they don’t know.”

“As a teacher, it's a great feeling to know I’m not only making my students more successful second graders, but I’m also making them more successful in every subsequent grade... Reflex has made it possible for me to watch my students become more confident in the academic abilities. It’s an awesome feeling.”

We're so glad to hear that her students' skills and confidence are growing with Reflex!

To find out why Reflex is the most effective (and the most fun) math fact fluency solution, take a free trial.

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March 25, 2013

Reflex in Alberta: teachers notice "big improvements"

We were pleased to see this "e-spotlight" entitled "Computer program makes students confident, eager for math practice" on the website of the Peace Wapiti Regular School Division 76 in Alberta, Canada:

"Teachers at Teepee Creek and Woking schools are noticing big improvements in their students’ confidence in math. What’s more, the students are having so much fun building math skills that they’re even practicing at home."

A teacher says that she "has noticed a significant increase in math skills since she started the program this year. Assessments in September showed 43 per cent of her students... could quickly multiply and divide. By February, that number was 92 per cent."

We're glad to hear that the students in Peace Wapiti are enjoying Reflex--and making such great progress!

To find out why Reflex is the most effective (and the most fun) math fluency program, take a free trial.

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March 11, 2013

"Reflex makes math fun"

We were so pleased to be featured in the newsletter "Tiger Talk" from an elementary school in North Bend Central Public Schools, NE.

We're very glad that Mrs. Grueber's and Mrs. Post's classes are enjoying Reflex. And we're sure that they'll start seeing some great results from all their hard work!

Take a free Reflex trial and see why Reflex is the most effective (and the most fun!) math fact fluency solution.


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February 26, 2013

P.S. I Love Reflex

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 3.39.57 PM

We enjoy hearing regularly from teachers about how Reflex is helping their students. But it always gives us a special thrill to get handwritten letters from kids about why they like Reflex so much. We just received a big batch of letters from 3rd graders at an elementary school in Poughkeepsie, NY who have been working on Reflex for several months.

Here's what a few of the kids wrote to us:

"I like learning from Reflex because I get smarter, better and greater with my math facts. I like the fact pyramid because it shows my progress to see how I'm doing and the fact pyramid shows the facts I still need to practice. I did a lot of facts and I am 100% fluent in addition and subtraction." 

"When I go on Reflex, it motivates me to learn more facts until I know all of them. Reflex helps me keep track of what facts I know and what facts I don't." 

"I like the certificates because it tells me that I am good at math. I like the avatar because I get to dress them up. The games are cool. They are hard. I like that you can do it at home and at school. You can put stuff on the tree like the tree house and birds. That's really awesome." 

"Reflex helps me type faster and get faster on my math facts. Reflex makes me really happy when I learn my math facts. I like the games too because they are really fun." 

"Reflex helps me learn math facts. It helps me get faster and keep track of what I know. It motivates me by getting my facts right. It helps me progress in my work." 

"Our class is getting better every day. Reflex is fun to do."

"What I like about Reflex is it makes me concentrate on school work. Reflex motivates all of us. Reflex is really fun."

"Reflex helps me to want to learn more. It helps me get faster with my math facts. It is cool to see the certificates hanging on the wall."

"What I like best about Reflex is the avatars, the different games, the store, the lightening round and fact pyramid. I like them because it helps me learn." 

"Reflex helps me with my homework to learn new facts." 

"Reflex is awesome and cool. Reflex helps me so much. I like Reflex because it is fun."

"Instead of not knowing my facts and always saying I don't know... Reflex helps me learn math facts and helps me go faster on it." Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 3.53.35 PM

"Reflex helps me want to learn math. The games help me with my fluency. I don't think we could have learned math so fast without you." 

"Reflex helps motivate my fluency higher and higher. Now I am 100% fluent on multiplication!"

"Reflex helps me learn my facts. Later when I'm older, this skill I will have down in my head." 

Check out why Reflex is the most effective (and the most fun!) math fact fluency solution with a free Reflex trial.

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February 20, 2013

Reflex Grantee reports "great growth" in students' math fluency

Shawn Gibson is a 5th grade teacher and Reflex grantee at a Title 1 elementary school in Fontana Unified School District, California. He reports that his students “have made great growth in their math fluency” with Reflex. “They are able to reduce fractions with ease, complete prime factorization problems, and can complete long division and multiplication problems.”

He has definitely noticed a great improvement in his students’ confidence in their math skills. “Students who struggled in math during their 4th grade year are now passing the 5th grade standards with flying colors.”

We took a look at the results from his class today. Twenty-seven of his students have gone from 20% fluency to 86% current fluency in Addition and Subtraction 0-10, and nine have gone from 42% fluency to 95% fluency in Multiplication and Division 0-12.

If you would be interested in applying to the Reflex Grant Program, the program is currently accepting spring applications. Apply for a grant and get Reflex in your classroom. But don't wait! The deadline is February 28th. You can also see more case studies or try a free Reflex trial on

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February 13, 2013

Reflex "Wall of Fame"

When her 5th Graders reach 100% fluency on Reflex, this teacher at an elementary school in the Burrillville School District in Rhode Island celebrates their accomplishments by hanging their certificates on her "Reflex Wall of Fame."

The wall is getting full--but it's going to get even more crowded as the rest of her class reaches 100%!


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February 11, 2013

Homeschooling mom says learning math facts can be fun for kids!

Reflexindividual-300x168This homeschooling mom says her two boys not only want to do Reflex, "but they also ask to PLAY on it several times a day!" She's pleased to have found a resource that makes learning math facts fun for kids.

She's going to be reporting on their progress throughout the spring on her blog, and we're looking forward to hearing more about their success with Reflex.

Try out Reflex for free with a 14 day trial and see why it's the most advanced (and most fun!) math fact fluency solution ever developed.

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January 28, 2013

Teacher decorates her classroom with Reflex certificates

Image006We heard this week from Michelle Boykin, a 5th grade teacher at an intermediate school in Monticello School District 18, Arkansas. Her class is having a lot of fun with Reflex and is working hard. After just over 10 days of usage, they have already doubled their fluency! Ms. Boykin has been celebrating her students' success in all sorts of ways.

"I just want to express how much I love Reflex. My kids have so much fun playing and I can tell a difference in their recall of their facts. We play 3 times a week. If it was up to them we would play every day, all day!"

Ms. Boykin hangs up her students' fluency certificates on the wall. She said that at first she hung up every award, but she quickly ran out of room.







Ms. Boykin also displays student progress on a cabinet in her classroom. "The first three numbers in green show number of facts fluent. The second half shows the percent of which they are fluent. As they earn a new award, they move their apple or school bus!  Their goal is to be one hundred percent fluent."








Ms. Boykin has two classes and "they have made it a competition to see which class can learn more facts than the other!" She displays the certificates for total facts solved for both of her classes so they can check on each other's progress and see who is ahead.

We look forward to hearing more about the success with Reflex Ms. Boykin's 5th grade class is having as the year progresses.

If you'd like to try out Reflex in your classroom, you can take a free 14-day trial or apply for our Reflex Educator Grant Program.






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January 7, 2013

Reflex Grant Program now accepting spring applications

A 4th Grade Teacher and Reflex Grantee in Lake Local School District in Ohio wrote to tell us how well the Reflex Grant Program is working in her classroom. Her students "have made great progress so far. They have gone from 25% to 86% in addition and subtraction. We collect data on fact fluency for all students in the 4th grade, and, by comparing data, it is obvious the Reflex program is working."

She also had a success story to share. "I have one student in particular who does not like math and struggles with facts. He really enjoys Reflex though and even takes the opportunity to do it at home. He is at 75% fluency right now and continuing to make progress each day. 

The teacher adds that "I think all of the teachers in my grade level would benefit from this program. Students who have mastered facts can go on to learn more complex concepts since they do not have to use so much energy trying to recall simple facts." 

If you would be interested in applying to the Reflex Grant Program, the program is now accepting spring applications. Apply for a grant and get Reflex in your classroom. The deadline is February 28th. You can also see more case studies or try a free Reflex trial on

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December 20, 2012

Kids celebrate solving 26,000 facts!

Kids at an elementary school in Regional School District 6 in Connecticut celebrate solving 26,000 facts! Each class took a turn and posed for these photos in front of the certificates they earned with Reflex.
Congrats to all the students for their hard work!
You can try out Reflex in your classroom with a free trial, and find out more at reflexmath.comA-Er0DGCAAAcaLbPhoto

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December 13, 2012

Kids graph their success with Reflex


Karen Trivino, a 4th Grade Teacher in an elementary school in Klein ISD in Texas wrote to us about how much her students like Reflex:

"The students love Reflex. I have never seen students so engaged in a learning program ever. The kids are begging to get on. They even want to skip recess on beautiful days because they want to log on."

To track and celebrate their progress, the kids have drawn a big graph. "The kids worked hard. All characters were hand drawn and colored by my 4th graders! P.S. the graph even has a kid drawn Crabby!"

Her 28 students who have been on 30 or more days (mean usage=38 days) doing multiplication and division 0-12 have gone from 15% starting fluency to 80% current fluency!

"I told them I’d give them a big party with cake when everyone is at 100% fluency," adds Trivino. We're sure they'll be having the party soon if they keep working so hard!

Take a free 14-day Reflex trial to see why kids love it so much, and see more success stories.

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December 12, 2012

“Reflex is the best fact fluency program I have ever used"

Two Teachers at an elementary school in Canyons School District in Utah are using Reflex for the first time with their 5th Grade students.

“My students love Reflex,” says Shannon Tracy. “They really enjoy playing the new games, but still go back to the original ones as well. They are always excited to tell me when they get to buy more stuff or games.”

“I like the enthusiasm my students show towards learning their math facts. I love the look of satisfaction and the self-confidence they are experiencing each day as we do math,” says Michelle Johnson.

“It keeps them engaged and doesn't make them frustrated. They are all getting better at math fact fluency,” says Ms. Tracy.  Their fifth graders are making tremendous progress. In one class, eight of the kids who have used Reflex for 20+ days doing multiplication and division 0-12 have gone from 26% starting fluency to 89% current fluency.

“Reflex is the best fact fluency program I have ever used. The progress being made is amazing,” adds Ms. Johnson. “Even my resource students have made huge strides in learning their math facts.”

We look forward to hearing more success stories from Canyons School District as the kids continue to use Reflex this school year!

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December 6, 2012

Case Study: An Interview with Cheryl Hastings, Resource Room Teacher, Snohomish SD 201, WA

Cheryl's pictureCheryl Hastings has taught in elementary schools for 22 years. She has worked as a classroom teacher, an ELL teacher, a self-contained teacher, and a resource room teacher. She was previously a math leader and a math teacher trainer.

How did you first hear about Reflex and what made you try it with your students?

I first learned about Reflex when I was looking online for a grant for our school tutorial center. I was intrigued by watching the videos on the website, so I decided to apply for the Reflex Educator Grant. After receiving the grant and finishing the training webinar, I was anxious to try it with my students.

What were your overall impressions of Reflex?

This is the most amazing program I have ever used in 22 years of teaching! I have never seen anything that is so motivating and beneficial for students. When we first started, the kids were instantly hooked and kept asking when it was their turn for more Reflex. I thought the excitement would wear off quickly, but it hasn't.

I am impressed by Reflex because in addition to being very fun for the kids to use, there is also a coaching/instructional component. As kids are progressing through the facts, they are receiving instruction to help them learn fact families for addition and subtraction or multiplication and division. Each game includes the facts that an individual student needs to work on. I think it is wonderful that all kids can play the same games, regardless of their skill level. This helps to build the confidence level of the students who are struggling.

What have your students' reactions been to using the program?

The kids LOVE Reflex! They regularly ask to stay in at recess for Reflex. It has been great to have a program that truly does make ALL kids feel good about their progress with fact fluency, regardless of their skill level. It has been wonderful to listen to kids talk together about Reflex. They encourage each other to "keep going until they get the Green Light", give recommendations as to what games they think their friends should unlock, talk about what they like about different games, and give each other tips and advice for learning their facts. In addition to helping with fact fluency, Reflex has also helped build a great sense of community.

How do you use Reflex with your students?  (For example, are you using it in the classroom, the computer lab, or at home? Are you using it in with the whole class or just with some students?)

As a resource room teacher, I have used a variety of approaches to make sure that my kids have access to Reflex at least three days a week. For students that are in my classroom at least an hour a day, I am able to plan this into their regular schedule. For the students that I see for shorter periods of time, or the students who are not on my caseload that are using Reflex as an intervention, I have worked out a schedule with their classroom teacher. Some students use Reflex in their classrooms on a student computer, and some come into the resource room at another time in the day for Reflex. I have also reserved the computer lab for 90 minutes on Fridays. This allows teachers to send their students at a time that works with their schedule.

To encourage students to work on this at home, I also laminated and sent home their Reflex login cards. Not all my students have Internet access at home, however, all of them with Internet access are using Reflex at home.

Can you tell us about the results you have experienced so far?

The results have been incredible! My class started working on Reflex a couple months ago. When we started our average fluency was 21%; now our average fluency is 70%. I have several students who have reached 100% fluency with their math facts--some in as little as 20 days of using Reflex.

What has motivated your students to continue using Reflex?

Reflex was designed to motivate kids to want to practice math. First of all, by earning tokens, kids are excited about and rewarded for learning facts. The games are very engaging, so the kids want to play them. Since they can unlock new games by regular use, they are motivated to work on this daily. They love spending their tokens at the store to dress up their avatar. Since kids can't open the store until they have earned their Green Light indicating that they have practiced enough for the day, this ensures that they are getting enough practice. My students are also very excited about the milestone certificates. As I read who has earned a certificate, the kids all cheer for each other.

Tell us how you have used the reporting facility and about your favorite reports?

I love the ease of using all the reports. I can quickly monitor the usage and fluency growth of my class. I love showing students the correlation between how much they are using Reflex and how their fluency is improving. One of my favorite reports is the fact fluency pyramid. I think it is great that students and parents can easily access this as well. The report was a great tool to use with parents at conferences.

If you have used other programs to help students develop math fact fluency, how does Reflex compare?

I have used several other programs and approaches, both as a classroom teacher and a special education teacher. In terms of student engagement, confidence level, and fact mastery, nothing even comes close to Reflex.

What evidence do you have that Reflex is making a difference for your students? Would you recommend it to other educators?

The biggest difference that I have seen with my students is an overall improved attitude about math. I also have noticed a big improvement with paper/pencil timed tests. I have heard from many classroom teachers that they have noticed a big difference when their students are working on computation problems in class.

Do you have any other comments or statements that you'd like to make about Reflex?

I have a great success story to share. One of my sixth grade girls really struggled with memorizing multiplication facts last year. Even though an adult worked with her 1:1 a couple days a week, she didn't make much progress. I started her on Reflex and she loves it! She does Reflex at home at least five days a week, sometimes even in the mornings before school. In 40 days of working on this, she is now at 98% mastery. Last week I gave her a paper and pencil fact assessment for multiplication and division through 9. She scored 100% accuracy on the assessment. This has been such a great boost for her overall confidence.

You can find out more about the Reflex Educator Grant Program or sign up for a free 14-day trial of Reflex. And you can find out more about Reflex when you check out our case studies.

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November 28, 2012

"Reflex builds confidence in struggling students" reports a Reflex Grantee

Lela Lyman, a Reflex grantee and a 6th Grade Math Teacher in the Huntsville School District 1 in Arkansas, started using Reflex with her students in September. She saw the value right away. “I teach 6th grade math, so at this point math facts should already be learned. The reality is, they are not.”

Since Ms. Lyman's students began using Reflex, they have made “enormous progress in fact fluency, both written and verbal.” They have already quadrupled their starting fluency. “I think the program is fantastic! Reflex builds confidence in struggling students. Once there are fluency gains, a student's mind is freed up for higher-level thinking.” 

Although her students are all making progress, one student in particular stands out for Ms. Lyman. “I have a student who scored below basic on the Benchmark exam last year. She came to me this year with little to no fluency. She plays the game consistently at school and at home. I have seen huge improvements in her math scores and her confidence is through the roof.”

The Reflex Educator Grant Program has extended its deadline! Now educators have until December 10th to apply for a grant and get Reflex in their classrooms. You can see more case studies or try a free Reflex trial on

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November 12, 2012

Letters from a "master at multiplication" and other math whizzes about Reflex

Fourth and Fifth Graders at an elementary school in Miami-Dade, Florida wrote us their "opinions" about Reflex — and one of them drew us this great portrait of Crabby!

We were very happy to hear that they're not only having a good time playing Reflex, but they're also seeing the impact of knowing their math facts on their test scores.

"It has made me almost a master at multiplication. Reflex Rocks!"

"I remember going from B & C to all A's because of REFLEX!"

"I love Reflex because it is just very cool and unique... Never will I forget Reflex!"

"I think Reflex is an awesome program because it makes kids better at their times tables and their division problems and makes doing math fun."

"Reflex is really fun and has games that blow your mind considering that you're learning."

"I think that Reflex is great because I used to be at a 3rd grade level in 4th grade but now I'm at a 6th grade level."

"It has increased my test scores. If you compare my third grade test scores and my fourth grade scores now, you can see a huge difference... I do Reflex every day and enjoy it. I wish it will never end."

"I think Reflex helped me with my multiplication and made solving problems easier."

"I love Reflex! Not just because my favorite subject is math, but becuase it teaches you math in a fun way."

The 5th graders who have been on Reflex 20+ days (mean usage = 26 days) already have progressed from 34% fluency to 84% current fluency. And the 4th graders who have been using Reflex 20+ days have gone from 25% fluency to 76% current fluency (mean usage = 30 days). The kids are doing great, and we're so glad to hear they're having such success with Reflex!

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November 9, 2012

Letters from Kids about Reflex

We always love to hear from kids about how much they enjoy Reflex, and this week our mailbox was stuffed with letters from 4th Graders at an elementary School in Loudon County, Virginia. Here's a few things they had to say:

"I love Reflex. It's helping me to do math faster."

"I really love Reflex! I like that it pays off--big time!"

"I really like Reflex. It really helps me with math facts like 6 x 8."

"I'm in love with Reflex. One of my favorite games is Alien Sundae... I think Reflex is... AWESOME!!!"

"My most favorite game on the island is Alien Sundae. It is (in my opinion) the best math game I have ever played."

"My favorite game is Quick Slither. My high score is 28,800. It was really hard. There were 3 lines coming at me!"

"My favorite game is Swamp Chomper because I think the music and the count down is so funny. I just laugh out loud every time."

"I'd like to be able to talk to Crabby. That would be so cool."

"I just love Reflex, because not only does it educate you, but it rewards you for being educated."

"Please keep the fun going on and on."

Keep up the good work! And keep the letters coming...

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November 1, 2012

M.A.T.H. or "Making Amazing Things Happen" Reflex Achievement Wall


Kathy Schlachter, a teacher at a Catholic school in Kentucky wrote us that her "math class is absolutely obsessed with Reflex. I have a wall in my hallway that I have dedicated as our M.A.T.H. wall - Making Amazing Things Happen. All the printed certificates go there… There are quite a few. For instance, just this morning I hung 19! I also email them and their parents when a milestone has been reached, so I was doing a lot of emailing this weekend… They loved it!"

"I am so incredibly proud of my kiddos. We only started the program on Oct. 9th and the gains they have made are unbelievable. I literally have almost run out of space on my wall... I love taking every chance I get to make them feel good about themselves. Your program helps me to do that."

Students in her class have gone from 29% starting fluency to 72% current fluency in addition and subtraction facts in just 14 days with Reflex! We look forward to hearing more about the success of her 3rd graders over the school year. Judging by the progress on their M.A.T.H. wall, they may need another wall (or two) for all their certificates!

Find out more about our Reflex Educator Grant Program or take a free Reflex trial and see how Reflex motivates kids to learn and achieve.

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October 18, 2012

"You would have thought it was Christmas" when new Reflex game debuts

We received this email from a Reflex Grantee the day after we announced the debut of our new game Fizz Heads:

Dear Crabby and Coach Penny,

By the time I had a moment to check my email tonight, this message was old news to me. The news broke for me earlier today in my morning math club at 7:25!  The kids freaked out when they saw the new game. Two of my kiddos have already unlocked it. One child was actually jumping up and down and clapping her hands with excitement. 

You have no idea what this grant has done for the struggling students in my school. Their enthusiasm is unbridled at this age, and we are loving every minute of Reflex Math. I know your team must be excited about the new launch, I just wish the people who worked so hard in development could have seen the pay off this morning. You would have thought it was Christmas.

Yesterday I had a student tell me that what we were starting to learn in class (adding 10) he had already learned from Coach Penny that exact morning. I told him I was proud to be on the same page as Coach Penny. Then today he told me that he surprised Coach Penny when she was having him review, because we had done it in class. His exact words... "I think she was shocked that I was so ready for her. I have all those plus 10's locked and loaded. Between you and Coach Penny... I'm gonna get 'em all this year."

Many thanks,
Sara Leader
Norman Independent School District 29, Oklahoma

We took a peek at her 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students' results, and we were happy to see that they had already almost tripled their starting fluency after less than 20 days!

We're sure her students are going to continue to make great improvements, and we're so glad they're enjoying Fizz Heads.

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October 12, 2012

These kids love Reflex!

The students at an after-school program in an Albemarle County Elementary School in Virginia sent us a note to explain why they love Reflex so much!

We're so happy to know that they think Reflex is "awesome," that "it rocks," and is "the funnest way to do math." And we look forward to hearing about their success with Reflex--inside and outside school--throughout the year.

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October 9, 2012

Students build fluency with Reflex--and love doing it!

After a successful pilot program last year, Lakehill Prepatory School in Texas was able to get Reflex for all their Second, Third and Fourth graders with a grant from the Powell Foundation.

"These math facts are the building blocks for everything our students will do in Middle School and beyond. This program really delivers on its promises. Students build fluency in math and love doing it! They feel like they are playing a video game," says Casey Pike, the computer teacher at Lakehill Prepatory School.

You can read about how much fun the kids at the school are having learning math facts with Reflex at neighborsgo - The Dallas Morning News, and you can see more Reflex case studies on our website.

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