May 21, 2014

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May 14, 2014

Letter from our "newest math chaos fan"

"Let me start this review by saying I did not believe what I saw in your video. I scoffed at the images, yet purchased with the hope that some of it could be true. How I hang my head in shame at my disbelief. Reflex has taken studying math to the next zenith of reachable heights all while incoporating fun. My son loves to start his day off with a round of Reflex. You all are geniuses! You allow learning-chaos in the confines of  a structured settings. I have to fight my son to get off once he has his Green Light.  

I equally love the attention to detail when it comes to the structure of all the games. Being able to watch his tree grow and then discovering as he continues to work new treasures to set goals for was pure divine foreshadowing... I don't have to hover over his shoulder to ensure he is working. I know he is. Every moment is filled with delight and wonderment. His squeals fill the house. He is in awe of himself saying, 'guess how many math facts I learned today? Do you want to see my tree? Look Mommy, I'm earning tokens to have my own alien ice cream shop. I've served over a hundred customers!'

I was concerned the work might not translate over to tangible knowledge. I was so pleased to find out how wrong I was again! Since using Reflex, he rips and roars through math class at lightening bolt speed and accuracy.  

The cost and quality don't add up. We are finally getting more than we paid for and it feels good. Really good. Thanks, Reflex." 


your newest math chaos fan,

Lana Wilkes-Edwards, Member Homeschool Buyers Co-op

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May 13, 2014

Students eager to "make up" Reflex sessions they've missed

"Students using Reflex are eager to complete their daily work. They always tell me the "countdown" for the number of days until they can open a new game. Most want to "make-up" their session if absenteeism has kept them from using Reflex. Two 4th grade students who have NOT responded to ANY type of intervention have embraced Reflex and are showing impressive growth! When meeting with the RTI committee, I like the ease in which I can pull up individual students and show progress/lack of to the committee."

--Math Coach, Elementary School, Victoria ISD, TX


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May 12, 2014

"Reflex is the sugar for the medicine of math facts"

"Kids make comments in class now, 'That's like Reflex!' so I know they are making the connections. It also teaches division and multiplication facts together, so students are explicitly taught the connection between the two. One of my girls who gets easily frustrated with math has been sharing her connections between what we do in class and Reflex. Today she said, 'Do you know how I knew that in class? I learned that fact on Reflex.' I see their fluency improving. Students who struggle need something attractive to use for practice. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. Reflex is the sugar for the medicine of math facts."

--3rd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Paragould School District, AR

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May 9, 2014

Reflex is the "best program I've ever seen"

"Reflex is close to perfect. Best growth/program I've ever seen. It gives them the foundation of skills necessary to continue with more complicated topics. We tested the fifth graders against my fourth graders and we beat them by more than 20%!"

--Math Coach, Elementary School, Wake County School District, NC

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May 8, 2014

Student finally aces test and is very "proud of himself"

"I have a group of students, mostly 5th graders, who dove right in to the program and moved along at a great pace. The older students understood right away that if they worked hard at doing well, they could open more games and earn more rewards. One of my students could not answer above 20 math facts on his 2 minute math sprints in class. He had been doing these sprints from September to the present every day in math class. The lack of improvement was so discouraging for him. After 5 weeks on Reflex, he completed all 64 possible math facts on the 2 minute sprint. He is so proud of himself!"

--Math Coach, Elementary School, Kane Area School District, PA

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May 7, 2014

Reflex gives a "greater chance of success on more difficult problems"

"Student fact fluency has skyrocketed! I couldn't be more pleased with the product. Automatic fact recall frees up student's minds to more complex tasks, allowing them a greater chance of success on more difficult problems. One of my students who struggles the most was the first to achieve fluency in Multiplication and Division 0-12. I know that this has done wonders for her confidence. She was proud to see that she had the first certificate on the wall to read '100 percent fluent.'"

--5th Grade Math Teacher, Charter School, Metro Nashville Public School District, TN

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May 6, 2014

Reflex gives students "a love for math"

"As we were preparing for our state achievement test this past week, we came across a division fact. One of my students called out, 'I know this! Reflex taught it to me!' At the beginning of the year, I had a hard time encouraging him to participate. Now he is eager for math! Reflex engages the students, challenges them to want to do better and gives them a love for math."

--3rd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Kingsport City School District, TN

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May 5, 2014

Reflex is only program that "actually teaches fluency"

"I have been so pleased with Reflex. It is the only program that I have found that the students like, does not take too much time, and actually teaches fluency. They have recall and do better on all of their math assignments. I have an ELL student who has only been in the USA for about 11 months. He had mastered 100% of his math facts by February!"

--5th Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Granite School District, UT

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May 2, 2014

"Math is easier now!"

"I have a student wasn't doing well in Math. He seemed to have lost all interest in math, and stated that he was dumb and hated math. At that point he was not participating in Reflex regularly. I collaborated with another teacher to have him work on Reflex after school while waiting for the bus. After 2 weeks I noticed he started volunteering oral answers (something he would never do). I asked him what was going on. With a big smile he said, 'Reflex! Math is easier now!'"

--6th Grade Math Teacher, Middle School, Stafford County School District, VA

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May 1, 2014

Reflex has "positive impact" on self-esteem

"Students enjoy Reflex, it doesn't take much time, it motivates them, and at this level (middle school), I think they really appreciate the help it is providing. I work with a student who was known to lack motivation in the classroom and at home. He very rarely engaged, and when he did it was not always positive. Since enrolling him in Reflex, his fluency has risen to 100% in addition and subtraction, and he has since moved on to multiplication and division. The recognition each week before his peers seems to really have had a positive impact on his self-esteem. He is more engaged now."

--Middle School Math Teacher, Tewksbury Township School District, NJ

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April 30, 2014

"Reflex is helping my students succeed"

"Reflex provides my students the opportunity to learn their math facts with a program that keeps them engaged. My students are more confident in math class and their understanding of other math concepts has increased. Reflex is helping my students succeed. Their Star Math scores are improving and their scores on the practice iLEAP test have improved tremendously."

--6th/7th Grade Teacher, Magnet School, St. John the Baptist Parish School District, LA

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April 29, 2014

Struggling math student now proud of her math skills

"I have a 6th grade student who struggles so much in math. She is an excellent reader and writer, but needs significant help to find success in math. When she began using Reflex, she was reluctant (anything Math-related was of little interest). I knew that the program was winning her over when she started showing up to class early! Her starting fluency was 40 facts and she is now at 152 facts (79% fluent!). She is so proud, and it is such a joy to see her building her skills and confidence."

--Special Education Teacher, Elementary School, Portland School District 1J, OR

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April 28, 2014

Student writes math teacher a note thanking her

"The students are making great progress with Reflex. I use timed drills in my class to see if students are getting faster. Almost all of my students have cut their time in half.

I found a note on my desk last week. A student thanked me for building her confidence in math. She said that Reflex had made her a more confident math student."

--Math Teacher, Middle School, Gilmer County School District, GA

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April 25, 2014

Reflex helps raise student test scores

"This program is absolutely wonderful! My students have increased their math fact fluency significantly since the beginning of the year and are still continuing to do so. Usually with the chapters on fractions, the students tend to score low on their tests because they have difficulty with understanding how to compare and find equivalent fractions. But this year, after using Reflex, my students were able to cross multiply to find the answer, which allowed them to better understand which fraction was greater than, less than, or equal to other fractions. Because of this the scores on their chapter tests were significantly higher than in years past. Many of them made A's or B's on their test, which I was very proud of."

--3rd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Hardee School District, FL

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April 24, 2014

Struggling student now enjoys learning

"My students have made tremendous progress using Reflex. I have one student who is very low academically. He could only do 2nd grade level math work using paper or textbook for 10 minutes at a time. He would get frustrated and angry, and he was often send to another room for reflection. However, with Reflex, he is alert and engaged with the games for 45 minutes. He has not been put out of my class since starting to use Reflex. He earned a B grade in my class for the quarter. He is still below grade level, but enjoying learning."

--Math Teacher, Middle School, Montgomery County Public Schools, MD

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April 23, 2014

Students want "to do math all day long"

"The students are continuing to learn more and more facts and are becoming more confident in math and actually have a desire to do math work all day long. Reflex reinforces and extends what they learn in the classroom and the variety of activities challenges them to keep going. Their ability to increase percentage scores on computer based tests and District benchmark tests helps me to gauge their mastery of the skills.

One student entered the classroom not liking school and definitely not liking math. She stopped learning and working after lunch. She is now excelling in math and language arts and no longer pouting and crying after lunch. She is smiling and keeps commenting, 'I'm doing good, I did the work all correct!'"

--Teacher, Elementary School, Barstow USD, CA

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April 22, 2014

Reflex comes to the rescue

"I am a math tutor, and over the years I have discovered that most kids that struggle with higher math do so because they do not have good recall of their basic math facts.  If kids don't get these facts while in elementary school, it sets them up for a lifetime of math struggles.  How can a kid be successful in advanced algebra, trig, or calculus if they don't know the building blocks?  There is just too many places to make a mistake if the facts are not fluent. The problem is math moves so fast now that traditional programs do not provide enough practice with math facts. That is where Reflex comes to the rescue. 

My kids (7 and 9) love Reflex. I love that the program is systematic.  It tests the kids with new facts mixed with ones they already know.  This ensures that they learn the new facts without getting overwhelmed. I can see that my kids' recall is improving so much that they are able to complete their regular math assignments more quickly. I cannot speak highly enough about the program."

--Math Tutor

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April 21, 2014

Students in Special Education have "grown immensely"

"My students came in at the beginning of the school year facing severe challenges in their math facts and with the repetition and the unique way that Reflex presents the math facts, they have grown immensely and are able to transfer their skills into applied problems. Reflex builds the foundation for my students and their math facts so that they are able to access grade-level material successfully. They are able to transfer it to their math learning (i.e., adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators, exponents, etc.). Their fluency with their math facts is much quicker than it has ever been."

--Special Education Teacher, K-8 School, Denver Public School District, CO

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April 17, 2014

Reflex inspires student from Haiti to become a more motivated student

"One of my students, a boy who immigrated to the US following the earthquake in Port-au-Prince, had little formal schooling and was often withdrawn during class. In September, he had less than 75 facts mastered. He really enjoyed Reflex, using it during his free time and 30 minutes daily during our math fluency period. In January, after only 4 months using Reflex, he reached 100% mastery. I think that this experience helped him to develop more confidence and I moved him to a more advanced work group where he has a lot of interaction with other motivated students."

--5th/6th Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Boston Public Schools, MA

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April 16, 2014

Reflex is cool! We love Reflex!

"Reflex is important because it helps you memorize your math facts--and it's also fun," says a 3rd Grade student.

A teacher and her students in Harrisonburg City School District in Virginia made a video about Reflex and why they love it so much. We're so happy they shared it with us!


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Student with Autism has tripled her fluency

"Students who have been using Reflex consistently have shown fast progress. When the facts become fluent, our students, most who are English Language Learners, can focus their cognitive energy on problem solving and attend more closely to the question being asked. 

One second grade student with a diagnosis of Autism, had been through multiple training methods for basic addition and subtraction facts including base 10 blocks, touch math, number lines, manipulatives etc. Nothing seemed to help her increase fluency or retention. After a month using Reflex even less than suggested, she has more than tripled her fluency and has gained over 40 fluent facts."

--Instructional Coach, Elementary School, Shelton School District 309, WA

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April 15, 2014

Struggling students are now "proud of their accomplishments"

"My students have made great progress. Each morning I hand out certificates and the students clap for each other. They look forward to this each day. I have a few students who are not eager learners and did not do well when it came to fact practice. Those same students are so excited and ask every day to go on Reflex. They are proud of their accomplishments and look forward to finding out their percentage!  I have used it with my RTI group as well and it has been very successful in targeting that small group of students who specifically need fact practice and support."

--3rd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Audubon Public School District, NJ

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April 14, 2014

Student math computation scores went up

"If we can get all students to have fact fluency, we can dive deeper into math learning at all levels. Reflex has significantly increased my students math fact fluency and helped to create a flow to my math lessons. I no longer have to wait for students to count on their fingers for simple math facts...they just know them.

All 17 students in my class, even those who receive special education services for math, are at least at 60% fluency. In Math Computation, when compared with the national norm, 13 of my 17 students are average or above (in the fall only 11 were), and 4 of my students scored either above average or well above average (in the fall only 2 were). All of the students who scored well below average or below average significantly improved their score 11 to 14 more points."

--3rd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Walworth Joint School District 1, WI

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April 11, 2014

Reflex gets kids excited about math

"I think the best part about Reflex is seeing the kids get excited about practicing math facts. One of my struggling students use to beg me to let him use pencil and paper to help him remember the fact families that they have to type in during the practice part. I urged him to keep trying and that he could do it. Just this past week he came up to me grinning and asking for hug because he had remembered one of the fact families on his first try. Reflex gets students excited and gives them confidence."

--2nd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Logan County School District, KY

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April 10, 2014

Reflex motivates struggling student to do his best

"There is a 5th grade student that seemed unmotivated with school and was becoming a behavior problem. After he started using Reflex and becoming one of our top performers he realized he could be successful in something. Now he comes to use Reflex everyday, as well as Saturday school tutoring. His teacher has mentioned that his confidence has increased as well as his grades in math. He is always cheerful and steering away from the behavior issues he was encountering. He has become a very competitive student that is motivated to do his best."

--Math Intervention Specialist, Elementary School, Georgetown ISD, TX

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April 9, 2014

2nd grade using Reflex improved much faster

"I have seen a lot of progress made with my students. I can tell the students are a lot more confident during math fact tests then they used to. My class has been improving quicker than any of the other 2nd grade classes and my principal was asking what we have been doing! I quickly shared about Reflex."

--2nd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Mansfield ISD, TX

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April 8, 2014

Student has gone from using her fingers to knowing her fact families

"I have a student who, at the beginning of the year, was still using her fingers to calculate problems as simple as 3 + 2. Since using Reflex, she is spouting out facts and doesn't have to use her fingers anymore. She knows her fact families and was one of the first to graduate from addition/subtraction to multiplication/division. It's wonderful to see her confidence in herself now compared to when she started!"

--3rd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Polk County School District, FL

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April 7, 2014

Student has gained confidence and is now a "star student"

"I have one student who counted on her fingers to solve the most basic problem. Instead of participating in class, she was trying to solve the problems. She seemed to always be one step behind. After using Reflex for 6 weeks, she is 80% fluent. She gained confidence because she knew the addition and subtraction facts. She is now fully engaged in our class discussions because she quickly and easily solves the problems. She is now focused on the process of solving problems and solving more challenging problems. In the beginning of the year, I was worried about her but now she is my star student."

--2nd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Arlington Public Schools, VA

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April 4, 2014

Now simple facts are not a barrier, student tackles harder math problems

"Reflex is fantastic! Reflex has enabled my struggling students to build their much needed fact fluency. These students are the least motivated and challenged in mathematics, so this has helped motivate and build their self-esteem while building their knowledge of basic facts. One student, who is identified as LD, has already reached 100% fluency in addition and subtraction and has now progress to almost 60% fluency in multiplication and division. This is amazing. She enjoys coming to math and has such confidence that she smiles during math class. She is even taking on and tackling harder problem solving questions now that simple facts are not a barrier for her."

--Math Coach, Elementary School, Toronto Catholic District School Board, ON

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April 3, 2014

Struggling student has made huge improvement and "I have Reflex to thank for that"

"I have a student that was struggling with number recognition at the beginning of the year. She disliked math and did not even want to participate in any math activities. She has made a huge improvement, and I have Reflex to thank for that. Last week, she came to me at the end of the day and said, 'I just unlocked a fun new game because I am getting so good at math!' I have never seen her that encouraged and proud of her math work before.

I have seen a huge growth in my students. Not only does it help with the basic facts but it also gives them the encouragement and excitement that they need to WANT to do math."

--3rd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Kingsport City School District, TN


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April 2, 2014

Kids love Reflex and their confidence is improving

"My kids LOVE Reflex. They can't wait to get on the computer, even during recess. I like the level of engagement the kids have with the program. The kids want to do well and groan when their game ends. The kids are making great progress. I am seeing growth on their reports and seeing confidence improve in the classroom. Fewer students need to use a multiplication chart during classroom activities."

--4th Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Zionsville Community School District, IN

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April 1, 2014

Student "loves Reflex because it's at her pace"

"I have a student who shuts down when working on hard subjects. She loves Reflex because it's at her pace. She tells everyone about her success and now has a new confidence with hard subjects. Students can watch their own growth and push themselves to do better."

--3rd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Lampasas ISD, TX

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March 31, 2014

Teacher is "truly impressed" by Reflex

"I'm truly impressed. I've never experienced the students with more fluency than this year. Prime and composite numbers have proven to be difficult in the past for my students. This year, a student exclaimed, 'That's a prime number! It's NEVER an answer on Reflex.' Fluency helps with long division, prime/composite, LCDs, GCFs, reducing fractions, function tables, patterns, algebra, and word problems."

--4th Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Wake County School District, NC

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March 28, 2014

With CCSS "it is imperative that students develop fact fluency"

"One of my most struggling students was really successful with Reflex and now 'loves' math! The program gave him the confidence to try other things. I have seen a great increase with several students based on classroom observations, end of unit assessments and state practice exams. I attribute part of this success to Reflex. 

Due to the high standards of the Common Core, It is imperative that students develop fact fluency. In order to keep up with the rigorous demand, students need to use all of their mental energy solving problems. With fact automaticity, students will be able to focus more time and attention to the application instead of process. Many of my students enter 3rd grade lacking fluency with addition and subtraction and are now expected to develop multiplication and division fluency. To get kids ready for the demands set forth by the Common Core, we need to help them catch up and excel in terms of fluency."

--3rd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, New York City Public Schools, NY

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March 27, 2014

Reflex helps student with ADHD become excited about math

"I have a student who has ADHD and finds math quite difficult. He beams when he talks about Reflex. The program is a perfect way to start his math class. Doing the program before introducing a new concept has really helped him. When I say math and Reflex, he has a positive response now as opposed to the negative one he had before. I find he is more open to learning new concepts because he has confidence that he is able to do math. He himself has said how much he loves Reflex and is excited about it."

--5th Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Parkland School District 70, AB

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March 26, 2014

Reflex is "by far the best program out there"

"Awesome, awesome, awesome! By far the best program out there. 20 out of 24 of my students are meeting the grade level standard of mastering 50 addition and subtraction facts in 5 minutes. In addition, all but one of my students scored within the targeted norm range on our district calculations assessment. This was an increase from 50% of my students scoring within the targeted norm range on the fall assessment. Reflex has not only helped my students gain fluency, but also master higher level math concepts due to not having to spend as much time solving facts. Scores on both calcuations and math application and concepts probes have increased greatly since using Reflex."

---2nd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Stevens Point Area Public School District, WI

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March 25, 2014

Reflex helps students solve Common Core word problems

"When my class first began using Reflex, the students were working on solving two-digit addition problems. Completing the test took FOREVER (many students needed more than the alloted hour). A few weeks ago, the students completed a three-digit addition with regrouping test. I had stepped out of the classroom for about ten minutes and the sub was passing out the test as I left the room. Upon returning to the class, I questioned the sub why students were on the computer instead of taking the test. She told me they were finished! Not only had the students completed the test, the majority of the class had received very good scores.

Reflex is a tool that helps my students be more successful in math because it helps increase their confidence in being able to solve mathematics problems. Reflex also helps students solve the more complicated and involved Common Core word problems. When students don't have to utilize any effort or energy determining what 8 + 4 or 8 - 4 is they are able to focus on what the problem is asking and requiring."

--2nd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Prince Georges County School District, MD

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March 24, 2014

Student "lights up every day" when she gets to use Reflex

"I have a student who has always loathed math. She lights up every day when she realizes she gets to use Reflex. Her fluency has improved right along with her confidence. This increased confidence helps her with the perseverance needed to see growth in math. Math fact fluency is the basis for all of our math. Reflex is a fun way to build confidence and get practice."

--5th Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Granite Schools, UT

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March 21, 2014

"Students' scores are higher" on timed tests

"Reflex has been very beneficial to my students. On my timed tests, the students' scores are higher. I have a student who didn't really like math because he felt that it was too hard and he was not good at it. However, since he's been doing Reflex, he has a much more positive attitude and has more confidence. He seems to like math more now. He gets excited when it's Reflex time. He really loves it!"

--3rd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Ozark School District, AR

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March 20, 2014

"Increased confidence" is "the greatest success" in the classroom

"The increased confidence in math has been the greatest success in my classroom. I had one student who started the year working on grade 1 level math. She is now working at her grade level (grade 3). We score our students based on a math continuum designed by our school division and some of my students have jumped "sign posts" or developmental stages.

We recently had a school district meeting where the high schools in our catchment area asked the middle and elementary schools to meet and discuss math. Their major concern was the lack of fact fluency in grade 9 students. The high schools felt they were teaching grade 3 and 4 math skills to high school students. I believe a program like Reflex could help us meet the needs of our students now (in elementary schools) so they don't struggle in high school."

--Grade 3 Teacher, Elementary School, Winnipeg School District 1, MB

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March 19, 2014

Student is now "less frustrated in class" after using Reflex

"In fourth grade it is essential to have your facts mastered. We move on to more complicated math and division during the year. Without their math facts, they struggle with these more difficult concepts. I have one student who was really struggling with his facts. When he started he had 44 fluent facts. He has added 134 facts and is using Reflex 4 days a week and showing constant improvement. He is become less frustrated in class because he can do the lessons."

--4th Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Valley Grove School District, PA

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March 18, 2014

Struggling student finds success on Reflex

"Overall, student math scores have increased across the board. They are much better equipped to tackle the difficult math concepts they face when they are not spending their 'brain power' trying to remember multiplication facts. Students love to see the progress they have made. A student in my class tries so hard when it comes to everything... but she struggles with math so much. Her mom has increased her computer time to allow for more Reflex time at home, and I get her on a school regularly. Just this week, for the first time, she scored above a 50% on a math assessment. Her eyes lit up, she smiled, and we celebrated her success. I asked her 'what changed... what made it so easy this time?' She said, 'I could multiply easier.'"

--4th Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Jefferson County School District, KY

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March 17, 2014

Wonderful to see "struggling math student love to do math so much"

"Reflex allows students to have success in a subject where they usually struggle. The fluency they gain in the program is beginning to transfer over into their class work. I have one student in particular who just loves Reflex. She comes to me every time she unlocks a new game. She loves receiving her milestone certificates and shares them at home with her parents. It is wonderful as a teacher to see a struggling math student love to 'do' math so much. She looks forward to her time and loves the positive recognition of her growth in math."

--5th Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Godfrey Lee Public School District, MI

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March 14, 2014

Teacher has seen a "huge improvement" on tests

"My students are definitely more confident with their math facts. I have noticed a huge improvement in timed tests. I have one particular student who has not been motivated with anything I have tried at school. But he begs me to let him do Reflex. He doesn't have computer access at home, so this has totally motivated him to want to come to school."

--Teacher, Elementary School, Botetourt County Public School District, VA

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March 12, 2014

Student's "confidence in math has soared"

"I have one student who was struggling so much with her math facts. She tested at a beginning fluency of less than 10%. She now is 75%! Her confidence in math has soared. She was in one of my lower groups of math and now she is in one of my higher groups. This is just using Reflex for about 16 weeks. We use district tests, and I have seen a HUGE improvement in those timed tests. My students are finishing the tests before time is called and scoring 95% or better."

--2nd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Tahlequah Public School District, OK

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March 11, 2014

"I will never use anything else" but Reflex!

"I have been teaching elementary and middle school grades for 19 years. Before using Reflex, I tried everything I could think of to get my students to become proficient in their multiplication and division facts (timed drills, mnemonic pictures, videos etc.). This year, my class has gone from about 21% overall fluency to that of 76% in a very short time, and I can definitely see that 100% of my students will be fluent in both multiplication and division facts before the end of the school year! What is more, my students love the program. They beg me to get on it every day. Many of my students who have reached the 100% mark have asked that I restart the program for them so that they can reach the same goal in a faster timeframe.  In essence, Reflex has been a godsend for me and my students. I will never use anything else!"

--5th Grade Teacher, Elementary School, DC Public Schools, Washington, DC

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March 10, 2014

Reflex "frees up time in the school day"

"My students have made great strides in math fact fluency. At the beginning of the year, we had no time dedicated to math facts -- especially addition and subtraction. As a fifth grade teacher, an assumption is made that fifth graders know their addition and subtraction facts. I have seen growth from very little proficiency to almost all of them having addition and subtraction mastered, and most of the students have moved on to multiplication and division. I see Reflex as an independent tool that student can use outside of the school day which frees up time in the school day to spend entirely on academics."

--5th Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Sioux Falls School District 49-5, SD

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March 7, 2014

"I can't believe how much growth my students have shown"

"This is my 26th year of teaching and I have never seen a program so easy to use, so fun for the kids and that shows such great growth. I can't believe how much growth my students have shown. My numbers and operations scores were up from fall testing when we did mid-year exams. I have no idea how I would go back to teaching multiplication facts without Reflex!"

--3rd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Wayland Union Schools, MI

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March 6, 2014

Struggling student is now one of the more accomplished students in math

"Many of the students are showing much more confidence with all areas of math. On tests I am noticing that students are finishing in shorter period of time and are scoring higher on tests than they did earlier in the year. One student came to school with very low self-esteem in the area of math. He only got 10% correct on our first addition and subtraction test and he never finished class work and did very poorly on homework. As we have been working with Reflex, he has started showing more self-confidence and he has completed the Addition and Subtraction part of Reflex and is rapidly moving through the multiplication and division 0-10. I had some very serious concerns about him at the beginning of the year and he is becoming one of my more accomplished students in the area of math."

--5th Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Alum Rock Elementary School District, CA

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